April 2020


SentiMETAL is the new proudly South African magazine for petrolheads all over the world. The belief that cars can have human-like characters, perhaps even souls, is laughable, of course. And yet, like many petrolheads, we believe this to be true. Our goal with this magazine is to bring those characters to life, to entertain you, thrill you and, most importantly, bring you joy. We will use the best writers, top-notch photography and great design in our efforts to achieve those goals. Ultimately, SentiMETAL is a celebration of the love affair that mankind continues to have with the automobile. We believe there are many stories to tell. SentiMETAL will not be limited to vintage or exotic classic cars and collectors; we fill feature people (and their cars) from all walks of life and backgrounds. What is important is the bond between man and machine. Enjoy the read.